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Arroz con Pollo with a Green Salad

(post, Sanura Weathers)

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Next to Southern dishes, Mexican cuisine is my other comfort food. When my boyfriend and I started dating, I mentioned to him I wanted Spanish food. Instead, we ate at a Puerto Rican restaurant, New York City style. I was a bit confused, because I wanted enchiladas, tacos or a dish made with corn tortillas topped with a mole sauce. It doesn’t take long to realize, his other comfort food are Dominican or Puerto Rican cuisine. When he says, “Baby, I’m bringing home Spanish food. Did you want a plate?” Now I know what to expect.

I was browsing through Williams-Sonoma’s website, when I came across the recipe for Arroz con Pollo. We had the same dish a week before at a Dominican restaurant. The blandness of the dish was disappointing at this one location. Curious, I decided to try the recipe. The boyfriend quickly proclaimed the dish as another one of my best recipes. Next time, I’ll in toss in a few green olives for more tanginess.

Be aware, this dish is huge. It overflowed my 12 inch black skillet. Buen apetito!

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