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Culinate Newsletter November 18 09

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 I bat words of gratitude around a lot this time of year; after all, "Thanksgiving" itself is on everyone's lips, and I'm no exception. But when I'm challenged by responsibilities —  putting dinner on the table, literally and figuratively — it's easy to overlook the true bounty that makes such feasting possible. This year, therefore, it's my Thanksgiving resolution (yes, there are Thanksgiving resolutions!) to emphasize not only family and food — the day's other big priorities, of course — but also, simply, gratitude.

 That said, I do plan to try one new recipe this holiday: Merill Stubbs' mother's Tuscan Onion Confit, available over at Food52. And our plan is to gather family members for lots of laughs and hugs and more than one game of Bananagrams before Thanksgiving Day is over.

 Here at Culinate, we've got plenty of holiday content to share with you: Anu Karwa's favorite Thanksgiving wines; Matthew Card's ideas for Thanksgiving side dishes that travel well; and lots of other recipes for classic Thanksgiving favorites. We thank all the writers who've shared their good food ideas with us.

 And we're grateful to Kim O'Donnel, who will be answering Thanksgiving-related questions in her  weekly chat tomorrow — everything from turkey, to cranberries, to pumpkin desserts.

 Finally, my gratitude extends to you, dear readers, for coming back week after week to read and blog and comment on Culinate. We appreciate you hugely!

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Matthew Amster-Burton shares his love of miso, which extends even to Miso Mashed Potatoes."
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story2text: "The White House bees bring back Joan Menefee's early beekeeping memories — as a teen in France." 

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recipe1text: "In Deborah Madison's kitchen, sweet potatoes are dessert."
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recipe2text: "A buttery rich cake from Portland's inimitable Pearl Bakery."

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