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The New Thanksgiving Table

(book, Diane Morgan)

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h4.From the publisher

Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday, best known as the day to enjoy slices of juicy roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, mounds of stuffing, and lots of gravy as we give thanks for the health and well-being of our families and friends. 

h1.Thanksgiving tips

Diane Morgan offers eight ideas for a fun and stressless holiday.


With so many diverse regions across this great country, it’s no surprise to find that the holiday menu changes significantly as you travel from New England to the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest. Bostonians are likely to flavor their dishes with maple syrup. Those from Seattle might top their deviled eggs with smoked salmon. Head to the Southwest and you’ll find jalapeños tucked into slices of cornbread.
The New Thanksgiving Table gives you creative recipes for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner wherever you live. This heartwarming cookbook covers the entire meal, including appetizers; soups and salads; main courses; stuffings, casseroles, and biscuits; side dishes; desserts; and even leftovers.
The keys to ensuring a stress-free occasion are in author and cooking instructor Diane Morgan’s indispensable menus and tips that encourage you to organize your time and prepare many of the recipes in advance. 

In addition to the bountiful information included in the book, home cooks can find plenty of additional ideas and assistance on her website,, including videos that enhance portions of the book by actually showing curious chefs exactly how to do it right. 

Some of what you'll find there are are segments on making a creamy mushroom soup that captures the tastes of autumn, how to brine a turkey, and how to truss your bird. There are also videos on carving a turkey; making a pumpkin pie from scratch; making an Italian sausage, mushroom, and sage stuffing; and making gravy. 

The New Thanksgiving Table will carry cooks through Thanksgiving and beyond.