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the food I just can't learn to like

(post, Kim Carlson)

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On Culinate, [/user/JudithK/blog/stalkingtheelusiveblackcelery. JudithK] just posted about an intriguing ingredient I've never tried before — black celery — but though I'm intrigued, I probably won't ever seek it out — even if I am fortunate enough to travel to Trevi. 

Over on The Oregonian's food blog, Leslie Cole sings the praises of another ingredient — celeriac — but I probably won't be buying any of that either. 

My problem? Celery just doesn't do it for me. In fact, unless it's sautéed with carrots and onion in a sort of mirepoix — or hidden in restaurant food — I avoid the stuff.

My poor family loves celery, but we rarely have extra on hand — because I don't buy it.

Are there foods you'd like to like — but you just don't?_