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(article, Kim Carlson)

For the next several months, the bounty of produce in the northern hemisphere is going to be at its peak. It's an inspiring time to share your observations, tips, quests, and questions about summer eating — or anything else food-related — on your Culinate blog. And now that we are starting our July blogging contest, your blog post could win $100 in shopping at your local farmers' market! 

Here's how:

[%image reference-image float=right width=400 caption="Does summer food inspire you to write about it?"]Publish a post (or several!) between tomorrow, July 3, and Sunday, July 26. During that time, we'll pick five posts as finalists, and feature them at the top of Culinate; each finalist will win a cookbook (book to be determined). 

Then, during the last week of July our readers will vote on their favorite. The winner will receive $100 market money. 

What will make us choose your blog post as a finalist?

It might make us laugh or make us cry or teach us something we didn't already know about food and cooking. 

It might describe something you've eaten recently or something you've cooked. It could be about growing or preserving your own food. 


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It might be about a food book you've read that's inspired you (or frustrated you to no end). It might be about an experience getting your children to eat — or getting your parents to eat, for that matter. 

Just to get you started, you may wish to consult the winners of our previous three blogging contests:

Laura, who won with her post about [/user/mydogischelsea/blog/thecarrotquandary "carrots of all colors."]
Lara, who wants us to [/user/laraadler/blog/breakfastsmreakfast "rethink breakfast."]
And Jon, who blogged about [/user/chasqui/blog/themilklady "finding a cheese purveyor"] in Hungary, where he's living.

Now get busy!

*The finalists so far: 

Robert, on berry fool.
Diana, on her soapbox about CSAs.
Sarah, on [/user/cafemama/blog/currantsjewelsofsummer "her longing for summer jewels."]
Cristin, on aromatics.
Katie, on [/user/katieelby/blog/nawlins "eating in Nawlins."]

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