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Grillin' with Gas

(book, Fred Thompson)

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If you're a fan of grilling with gas, you may have checked out other cookbooks on the topic. Often, they're written to accommodate both gas and charcoal grills, with vague instructions that don't really give you all the details you need.

Not so in Grillin' with Gas. If you're looking for mouthwatering, year-round recipes developed for and tested on gas grills, this is the book for you.

From main dishes and sides, to fruit and marinades, you'll find 150 recipes for anything you'd ever want to put on a grill. Plus you'll discover lots of inside secrets, time-saving tips, and proven techniques for making every grilled feast a delicious success.

And it's all written in the casual, approachable style of grilling guru Fred Thompson, who's been introducing great new flavors to the grill for years in best-selling books like Barbecue Nation.
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