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Today's Culinate newsletter (adapted for the blog)

(post, Kim Carlson)

 Who first coined the term "foodie"? (If you know, please leave a comment below.) I am familiar with The Official Foodie Handbook, published in the mid-80s — but was that the beginning? 

 Cole Danehower, the editor of Northwest Palate magazine, is in search of a different word to describe people who care deeply about food. Writes Cole:

 "Food sustains our lives, so due attention to the source, quality, and kind of nourishment we ingest is more than warranted. Food enriches our lives through physical gratification and shared experiences with family and friends, so deepening our understanding of the social and emotional aspects of food and drink is certainly appropriate.

 "Food affects our society as well. People with an informed interest in food will help resolve such public-policy issues as land-use regulation, health and food safety, sustainable rural economies, carbon impacts, and food availability.

 "And food is a vital thread of our economy, running through areas of production, consumption, and even disposal. So concern about our food resources is part of the legacy we will leave to future generations."

 True all. And the word foodie, for Cole, doesn't quite do it. Any suggestions for him? Leave a comment on his piece.