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Iced Tea

(book, Fred Thompson)

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Since its introduction at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, iced tea has been a favorite American beverage showing up at every family gathering, backyard barbecue, Fourth of July picnic, and on every restaurant menu.  In fact, each day, 120 million Americans reach for a frosty glass of iced tea.  

In Iced Tea, Fred Thompson shows us how easy it is to make a wide variety of iced teas right at home, from classics (Southern Style Ice Tea, Solar Tea) to infusions (Iced Mango Tea, Berry Spice Iced Tea), from spritzers (Green Tea Passion Fruit Spritzer) to offbeat and cocktail teas (Tea Smoothie, Beach Bourbon Slush).  

Thompson discusses basic methods for brewing tea and the types of teas and tea blends that are best iced, as well as a vast array of flavors and flavorful combinations that can be mixed with iced tea to create refreshing new drinks.  

These 50 recipes make iced tea a truly exciting anytime beverage while still maintaining the pure flavor and goodness that has ensured its place in American tradition. Thompson shares his years of experience brewing, tasting, and enjoying iced tea the way it was meant to be made: at home with your own two hands.
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