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Who should play James Beard in the movie?

(post, Kim Carlson)

Have you seen the '"Julie&Julia"? I can’t wait to watch Meryl Streep at work; she seems at once an unlikely Julia Child and a natural one.

Yesterday on the site we posted a birthday tribute to James Beard, who was born in Portland, Oregon, on May 5, 1903. It got me thinking: Just for fun, who should play Beard in the movie? (No, there’s no movie yet. But if there were.)

Alan Arkin? Philip Seymour Hoffman? John Malkovich? 

Since there’s no Beard movie in the works that I know of, we’ll have to content ourselves with OPB’s 30-minute special on Beard, Thursday, May 21, at 9 p.m. (and available on the website after that).