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Easy Chinese Stir-Fries

(book, Helen Chen)

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h4. From the publisher

“When I was growing up, my mother did all of the cooking at home, and the variety was endless,” says author Helen Chen. “But it was her everyday Chinese home cooking that I remember best — the often-revisited stir-fry dishes that are simple, easy, delicious.” 

Now Chen, a top name in Asian cooking, shares her family secrets of traditional Chinese cooking in this collection of more than 60 sensational stir-fries. She includes a wealth of information on stir-frying techniques, from temperature control to perfect prep work, as well as tips for selecting the right equipment for success. Simple advice like adding longer-to-cook ingredients first, and how to quickly marinate meats in cornstarch and wine to lock in juices, help readers get restaurant-quality results at home.

Quick, simple, and versatile, stir-fries are the perfect everyday meal — and you don’t need a take-out menu to enjoy one. 
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