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Food revelation no. 9: Berries

(post, Kim Carlson)

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I am a nut for berries, and this is the time of year I am extra hungry for them. I love berries best by the handful, but also in pies, preserves, liquors, smoothies, on duck, over ice cream, undercover. Here are my  favorites, in order.

1. raspberries (used to be no. 2)
2. blueberries (used to be no. 1)
3. Montana huckleberries (so small and sweet and rare)
4. marionberries/blackberries (not the same, but equally loved by moi)
5. strawberries (Hood, just picked)
The berries with the best name? That would be cloudberries, which I'm hardly ever lucky enough to eat, but I'm really happy when I do.

What are your favorite berries? How's the wait going?