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my ketchup ate my aluminum foil

(post, Kim Carlson)

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The other night I made a turkey meatloaf — [/user/Kim/blog/inagartensturkey_meatloaf "Ina Garten's"] again. (Remember? The one that calls for 5 lb. of ground turkey?)

Anyway, after dinner, I placed the leftover loaf — maybe torpedo is a better word — on a flat pan and covered it with foil. Today, when I took it from the fridge for my lunch I discovered … tiny perforations. In the foil. Mysterious little holes …

And on the meatloaf? I didn't see them right away, but sure, eventually I noticed little, well, dots of melted foil. Or, according to The Straight Dope, dots of "a grayish-black mush of aluminum oxide."

Which I patiently removed, one by one. There was still two-thirds of the loaf left; I couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't chuck it (although I'll admit, it was really unappetizing for a few moments there). 

So now it's a turkey torpedo with craters. Sounds horrid, I know, but honestly, it made a great lunch eventually — very satisfying.

Have you had the ketchup + foil problem? Am I the last one to learn this?