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Cochon 555 update

(post, Kim Carlson)

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It was piggy! It was wild! And yes indeed, it was delicious. 

Leslie Cole, of the Oregonian, — one of my fellow 19 judges in the competition portion of the event — blogged about the evening; head over to her post to get a clear-headed account of it all. (I'm still wondering how she did that.) 

Because we were sequestered off in the judging area, we missed Adam Sappington, of The Country Cat, butchering an entire pig (yes, in the dining room), but here's a photo of it.

I also managed to miss what Leslie describes as "vodka-laced 'pig shots' garnished with bacon salt." Oh well.

But I did meet some interesting people: Oregon artist, pig-farmer, and wine maker Clare Carver, another fellow judge, was pouring her delicious Big Table syrah; Arie McFarlen, a pig rancher from Dell Rapids, S.D., was talking about the rare breeds of pigs she raises (including one that somehow is actually considered extinct); and beef specialist Carrie Oliver of Oliver Ranch was talking about, yep, cows.

Finally, Ann Forsthoefel of the Portland Farmers' Market not only brought happy news about opening day (March 21), but she was also wearing the best tie, decorated with floating pig heads.

Pig fashion never goes out of style.