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eating and intention

(post, Kim Carlson)

A is worried about xxx, and E can't stop thinking about xxx. I am distracted by the morning paper (yes, I still read the paper), and J is out to breakfast. So this morning, it was tea or coffee, grapefruit, and toast, without fanfare. In fact, I hardly remember it. 

Usually we gather with a little more intention, or at least a few of us eat something substantial. It's best when we actually notice how sweet the grated apple is on the granola or how our fresh the eggs taste. 

But today we were talking more than eating, and then — hurry hurry to brush teeth and get outside to scrape the windshield!

I didn't think about our folly until 9:30 when I noticed that I was starving and had to make a snack — a jack quesadilla with salsa.

The girls, unfortunately, probably staved off their mid-morning hunger pangs with fluffy white bagels. Ugh.

A little resolution to myself: Let's make breakfast more deliberate.