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Food revelation no. 6

(post, Kim Carlson)

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(I love, in this case, how the word revelation contains "revel.")

One of my favorite comfort foods is a bowlful of noodles; I don't know, maybe it's everyone's?

My grandmother used to make homemade egg noodles for a dish that she (and we) called "Chicken and Noodles" (and my grandfather called "Boiled Bird.") She'd mix and roll out the noodles in the morning and then leave them to sit all day on a bread board in the sun. At dinnertime, when they were dried — but not completely — into the chicken pot they'd go. 

Now my husband has been making noodles with our new KitchenAid mixer. They're a little faster, but no less eggy and comforting. Last week we had them with stroganoff; this week … still to come.