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25 things about my food life

(post, Kim Carlson)

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I'll admit, I am a Facebook flunky. I signed up for an account about three months ago, and for awhile I was into it, friending folks left and right and updating my status.

But within weeks I began neglecting my account. Occasionally I pop over to read my newsfeed, but that's about it. Sadly, it looks a little like a ghost town. Where are the photos? Where are the personal details? Where's the love?

To make matters worse, Leslie, bless her heart, and Dan (bless his heart too) tagged me with the Facebook list known as 25 Random Things. I have read a couple of these — including Leslie's and Dan's — and have appreciated them. 

So, I vow to make my own — and to soup up my FB page, too. (I just need to lasso one of my in-house Facebook experts to show me exactly how to do it; teenagers are handy that way.) 

But in the meantime, I'm going to start 25 (count 'em!) random things about me — and food. Right here. The rub is, I'm not going to do them all at once. I want photos, for one thing! So, here goes the start of my food revelations. 

No. 1

I start every day with coffee, usually in the same cup. At the top of this photo, there's a completely random picture of said cup next to a photo of my grandmother's basketball team — she's third from the left.

I cherish that photo and I cherish my coffee. That said, I'm not as into it as I once was (the coffee that is); I'm content to drink the same old thing day after day. Usually it's Major Dickason's Blend from Peet's, pressed, two cups max. With warmed 2 percent.

(Go ahead: Add 25 random things about you and food to your Culinate blog!)