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Welcome, Deborah

(article, Kim Carlson)

There are many champions of local food, but one of the most vocal and longtime advocates is Deborah Madison. From near Sante Fe, where she makes her home, Deborah works tirelessly to promote farm-fresh food. 

Not coincidentally, she's also one of the cookbook authors we turn to often for her delicious, unfussy, and surprising recipes. 

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Today we welcome Deborah to our table with her new column, Deborah’s Plate. Once a month, she'll have her say about whatever's on her mind: the politics of eating, a newly discovered ingredient, a conversation with someone who’s working in the world of food. 

This month, Deborah addresses the question of whether to eat local or organic. Her answer probably won’t surprise you — but it comes with a twist.

And keep an eye out for new columns and columnists throughout the month of June. We're on a roll.

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