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(article, Liz Crain)

In 2006, three food bloggers — Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes, Kalyn Denny of Kalyn's Kitchen, and Alanna Kellogg of Kitchen Parade — joined forces to build a food-blog search engine, aptly titled Food Blog Search. 

Their custom-built search engine is designed specifically for locating food-blog recipes. Ximena Maier, of Lobstersquad, designed the search engine's illustrations and banners. 

Food Blog Search currently sources recipes from more than 2,000 food blogs, all vetted by the founders. If you want your blog to be included in the search engine, just send the founders an email; if your blog fits the bill, it will usually be added to the engine within a couple of days. 
Keep the engine's criteria in mind, however:
bq. We are not interested in adding blogs that appear to have been created purely to take advantage of Adsense, large commercial food company blogs, blogs too focused on self-promotion, blogs that violate the intellectual property rights of others, or blogs that participate in paid product reviews such as PayPerPost.

But if you're just interested in finding good recipes online, check it out.