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Our switch to Powell's Books

(article, Kim Carlson)

Way back in January, when we launched Culinate, we knew that we'd be publishing book reviews and needed a retail bookselling partner. So we partnered with Amazon — an easy choice, because Amazon's online system was turnkey: created for linking and buying. 

But our recent decision to switch to [%powellsSectionLink "Powell's" newpage=true] for book sales was also easy: Powell’s is not only our premier local bookseller, it's the largest independent bookstore in the country. And these days the Powell's website has more functionality than ever. 

[%image powells float=right]

We also like the fact that Powell's specializes in one thing: books. 

If you visit the Rose City, the downtown City of Books is a must-see. It's part of what makes Portland Portland. 

Finally, watch this weekend for a promotion on Culinate that Powell's is helping to sponsor. They, we, and others are going to give you a fun chance to win big. Stay tuned!

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