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Confused about the "green" label?

(article, James Berry)

In a nation where everything from airlines to sport stadiums are going green, it’s not surprising that the term “greenwashing” exists. But what exactly does it mean?

According to the EnviroMedia Greenwashing Index, the term refers to a company or organization that spends more time or money claiming its services or products are “green” than it actually spends doing things that minimize the company’s environmental impact. 

Fortunately, the Greenwashing Index aims to uncover greenwashing companies by educating consumers on how to “read” and rate an ad with their scoring criteria; a higher reading means more greenwashing. Companies that mislead with words, graphics, or vague claims are suspect, as are companies that exaggerate how green they are (like the coffee company that uses images from nature to suggest the company is environmentally friendly).

Anyone can post an ad and contribute ratings to the index to further educate consumers. Check them out, or  submit ads of your own finding when the mood strikes to help these environmentalists weed out the real green-minded businesses from the greenwashing companies.