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Eat your heart out

(article, Melanie Mesaros)

Plenty of reality television shows — "The Bachelor," "The Farmer Wants a Wife" — have tried to find the right ingredients for romance. Now, with "Feed Me," the reality-dating genre heads for the kitchen. 

Shot in short webisodes, the Brooklyn-based series pairs up self-described single foodies and films them cooking for each other in a professional kitchen. The show’s creator, Adam Pollock, chooses which two people are compatible to go on a date. 

Sound like fun? The show's website states that they are currently looking for future reality stars:
bq. “It's all about food and coversation. Think ‘My Dinner with Andre,’ except it's you, and someone foody, smart, and hot.”  

The New York Post_ and blogs such as Grub Street have already begun to dish about the show. Best-kept secret? The producers even do the dishes.