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Sound bites

(article, Ashley Griffin Gartland)

Sure, there's plenty of tasty material available for your ears on the radio: the Kitchen Sisters, for example, or Lynne Rosetto Kasper's "The Splendid Table." But Eat Feed and the Restaurant Guys provide great dish, too. 

Eat Feed, subtitled "The Sound of Good Food," offers a smorgasbord of shows. Check out Amuse-Bouche, for example, a podcast department featuring conversations with food experts about their favorite gastronomic words and phrases. Cheese expert Laura Werlin recently discussed curds and whey; I learned there's more to the dairy stuff than Little Miss Muffet.

Another Eat Feed podcast department, titled In Season, recently featured a show called "Get Cracking: The Definitive Guide to Choosing, Cooking, and Enjoying Eggs," from the book of the same name by Alex Barker. It's not just about the chicken, apparently; the podcast covers quail, goose, and duck eggs. (For more about eggs, read Kelly Myers' recent article, "The eggsentials.")

Meanwhile, the Restaurant Guys, aka restaurant owners Francis Schott and Mark Pascal, put listeners on the inside track to "food, wine, and the finer things in life." Their weekday morning show features witty titles and genuine gusto.

My all-time favorite aired back in December, when the duo introduced me to burgers crafted with Krispy Kreme buns. (The same show commenced with an educational interview with Plymouth Gin's Sean Harrison, who is one of only 22 master distillers in the world.) However, with more than 320 archived shows, the donut dish won’t remain my Restaurant Guys favorite for long.