A World of Presidia

(book, Piero Sardo, Serena Milano, Anya Fernald)

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h4. From the publisher

A World of Presidia: Food, Culture, and Community, Chelsea Green's newest book from Slow Food Editore, vibrantly tells the stories of 65 Slow Food Presidia — groups of traditional food artisans — from 30 different countries and the unique and delicious foods they are working to preserve. 

The book's color photographs and detailed descriptions bring the yak cheese of Tibet, the salt oysters of Cape May, Delaware, and the white strawberries of Chile to life. As the world's biodiversity diminishes, we are in danger of losing many delicious traditional foods. But these Presidia are fighting hard to keep these delicacies on the table. 

Slow Food Presidia is a project of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. Each presidium focuses on a group of producers of a single artisanal food and develops production and marketing techniques to help them be economically viable. 

Sometimes, it takes just a little to save an artisan food; it's enough to bring together producers, help them coordinate marketing and promotion, and establish quality and authenticity standards for their product. Other times, when the production of a food is closer to the brink, it takes more: building a slaughterhouse, an oven, or reconstructing crumbling farmhouse walls. 

A World of Presidia is not just about foods, but also recounts the stories of the men and women who safeguard them. They are the curators of our world's rich agricultural history.