The Flexitarian Table

(book, Peter Berley)

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h4. From the publisher

Flex•i•tar•i•an (n) 1. A person who consumes mainly vegetarian food but occasionally eats chicken or fish. 

Today a single family can include strict vegetarians and passionate meat lovers. When company shows up, the situation gets even more complicated. How can one meal please everybody without driving the cook crazy? The award-winning author, caterer, and chef Peter Berley has the answer: flexible, exciting menus designed to satisfy vegetarians and nonvegetarians simultaneously. 

Composed of two or three simple dishes, the 40 seasonally arranged menus in this book are of several kinds. All of the 150 dishes in the book can be mixed and matched.
Pan-Seared Rosemary Duck Breasts/Tofu
Teriyaki-Style Burdock, Carrots, and Leeks
Soba with Garlicky Spinach and Sesame Oil