Vegetable Soups From Deborah Madison's Kitchen

(book, Deborah Madison)

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h4. From Deborah Madison

When I said I was working on a soup book, the response was often, “Oh, I love soup!” People enthuse about soup in a way that’s so heartwarming, it makes me feel as if I’m in the right camp. 

The soups in this book are based on vegetables, and many of these recipes are new ones for me. But some are soup classics, by which I mean some of those that have stood the test of time in my kitchen (Quinoa, Corn, and Spinach Chowder) and those that are classics in the culture (Boston-Style Black Bean Soup). 

I’ve tried to streamline these dishes as much as possible without sacrificing goodness, so that you can easily enjoy them in your own kitchen. I hope you do enjoy making these soups and add them, one by one, to your repertoire.
Roasted Squash, Pear, and Ginger Soup
Winter Vegetable Chowder
Farro and Chickpea Soup
Cream of Lentil-Sorrel Soup
Fundamental Squash Soup with Sage