The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen

(book, Peter Berley)

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h4. From the publisher 

Peter Berley’s mission is to show how the simple act of cooking food can enliven your senses and nourish your life — from going to the farmers’ market and outfitting your kitchen with the simplest, most useful tools, to learning techniques and sharing meals with friends and family. 

The much-admired former chef of Angelica Kitchen, one of New York City’s finest restaurants, Berley takes you through the seasons, with more than 200 sumptuous recipes that feature each ingredient at its peak.

Recipes are written to feature the basic techniques and background information needed to create wonderful meals with fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains. Berley helps both novice and experienced cooks understand what they are doing and why, to learn to work with ingredients, and to apply their skills creatively. This wonderful book brings vegetarian cuisine to a whole new level.