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Think food, not taxes!

(article, Mark Douglas)

As April 15 springs upon us, here are a couple of ideas to distract you from tax time; it's no surprise that they both relate to food.

Put the burden of taxes in perspective by reminding yourself what it might be like if your biggest worry was the uncertainty of buying enough food for you and your family.

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Consider following the example of Oregon's governor, Ted Kulongoski, by living on three dollars' worth of food a day for a week to point out issues in current funding for food-stamp recipients. Or plan to take part in the latest Eat Local Penny-Wise Challenge (starting April 16), and support local foods while doing so on a fixed budget of $68 a week.

If neither of those choices captures your imagination, maybe this one will: April's Potluck contest is on the subject of meat. Have an opinion or a story? Write down your best 150 words, and send it to us. Entries close April 21. There are some great prizes, and it's a fine way to take your mind off that silly tax thing.

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