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Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes

(book, Jeanne Kelley)

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Like many of today's home gardeners, Jeanne Kelley grew a backyard kitchen garden as a means to indulge her desire for fresh, organic, and flavor-rich produce. Just minutes outside of downtown Los Angeles, this same backyard is also home to Kelley's pet goat and Ameraucana chickens, which provide her with a plentiful amount of milk and sky-blue eggs that often feature in her internationally inspired dishes. 

In Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes, Kelley shares more than 150 of her recipes, all of which incorporate new and authentic ways to take advantage of local and seasonal foods and incorporate multi-ethnic flavors into everyday meals. This remarkable cookbook presents a contemporary version of field-to-table cooking that hails from a region where home chefs prune their kitchen gardens in the shadow of metropolitan cities and year-round farmers' markets provide heirloom vegetables that inspire classic and enticing dishes. 

With strategies for both weeknight cooking and special occasions, Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes is the essential manual for all who hunger to create quick and healthy meals with flair. In addition to the many mouthwatering recipes, Kelley provides readers with tips and menus for entertaining, plus a thorough kitchen-garden primer that celebrates the simple joy of growing your own produce, including discussion on small container and community gardens, raising and keeping backyard chickens, composting, and growing your own exotic ingredients.