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Pay it again, Sam

(article, James Berry)

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h3. 1.0 2.0 1040 What's with all these numbers?

A hip trend in the current Web world (now known as "Web 2.0"), is something that can easily be termed "transparency." That's the concept that the decision-making process in a business should be open and obvious to the outside (as opposed to what I'll call "Business 1.0," which for the last several hundred years has been closed and secretive).

Well, we at Culinate think of ourselves more as "Food 2.0" than Web 2.0, but we do subscribe to many of the tenets of the latter.

So, in the spirit of transparency, and in a nod to April 15 next week, I'm here to talk about money. Though many of us might dispute what our government spends money on, few can argue successfully that the government could provide useful services with no money at all, so we dutifully file our 1040s each year, and hope that our money (or at least some part of it) is well spent.

h3. The transparency part

Our more astute readers will have noticed that we turned on some ads on Culinate this morning. Our intent is to select ads, and advertising and sponsorship partners, that are compatible not only with our design, but with our message as well. And frankly, it would not make sense to accept ads that are not_ compatible with our readers, as that mismatch would presumably result in no revenue for anybody.

Our goals, rather, are to generate some amount of sustaining revenue from advertising, but in a quality and quantity that our readers will embrace. We want you to like all the work we do, and in liking it, we ask you to accept that it has to be funded somehow. We're not asking you to turn in a 1040 form (and check) next week, but we do hope that you will:

  Patronize our advertisers, to the degree that you can.
  Let us know what you think of the ads.

If you represent an organization that would like to reach Culinate readers, feel free to contact us about [/culinate/advertisers advertising].

While I'm on the subject of revenue and transparency, I'd like to point out one other thing: our book pages, excerpts, and reviews have (always) had links that allow you to purchase books through [%amazonGeneralLink], and from this we gain a small commission. By following those links to purchase [%amazonGeneralLink link= books], or [%amazonGeneralLink link= blenders], or even [%amazonGeneralLink link= "bath towels"], you also benefit our good works. But do give us feedback now on a change we're thinking about making soon: How would you respond if our book purchases went through Powell's rather than Amazon?

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