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Cookies and chuckles

(article, Liz Crain)

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The Smitten Kitchen is a salty, tongue-in-cheek New York City endeavor with excellent cooking notes. 

p(blue). Blog: Smitten Kitchen
Average posts per month: 20
Blogger: Deb
Age: 30
Blog place of origin: Manhattan

The recipient of the Well Fed Network’s 2006 food-blog award for best humor, Smitten Kitchen is the realm of the snarky Deb, last name unrevealed, who has gathered a loyal following with her hardheaded humor, kitchen antics, and fabulous photography. 

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Smitten Kitchen displays a penchant for sweets and a fearless attitude toward baking, along with a wide-ranging repertoire that often detours into the world of pickled eats to please Deb's husband.

Where are most of your readers from?
Aha! I just installed Google Analytics (which is free and invisible, bloggers, and gives you an overwhelming amount of information), so I now know that the majority of my readers are clustered in the eastern half of the U.S., followed by scatterings from Colorado and California to Vancouver as well as a few fascinating dots on the map from Singapore to Oxford to Honolulu. Good morning, Honolulu! Can I visit you? I'll bring cookies.

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What kind of food blogs do you like to read?
Just about all of them, really. I'm an avid slacker and a Bloglines junkie, leaving me all sorts of time to peruse, to my heart's content, everything from the names everyone knows to readers who leave me comments to more politicized sites about where our food comes from and why we should care. 

My guilt, however, is driven by the fact that I almost never leave comments. Something about saying something witty (and brief) just makes me freeze up. I need to delurk.


h1. Liz's faves


1. Mounds of Awesome
2. Salt Cross Buns
3. Take My Wife


Why do you blog?
It's my favorite outlet. I'm a reporter for my day job, spending most of my time writing stiff, frill-free prose, and I love at the end of the day guiltlessly throwing sentence structure to the wind and telling you about something that really excites me. 

Like chickpeas, and getting away with calling them knobby and terse. I'm thrilled to have found other people in the world who get excited when you swap grapefruit for lemon in a cake.

When do you usually blog?
Ahem, well, of course, never between 9 and 5 on a weekday. Cough. 

During the week, I usually cook something in the evening, take pictures, and jot down notes which, if I am not too tired at the time, will later be formed into a post. Within a day or two after I cook something, I usually have it up on the site. 

Though there are times when I hate the pictures or have nothing really worth saying about a recipe, and it lingers on my computer for weeks or months until I break down with a "catch-up" post. I've got about three right now, waiting for their moment in the sun.

p(bio). Liz Crain is a writer in Portland, Oregon.

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