Lulu’s Provençal Table

(book, Richard Olney)

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h4. From the publisher

Of all of the culinary treasures that Richard Olney brought home from France for his American audience, the sprightly and commanding Lulu Peyraud is perhaps the most noteworthy. A second-generation proprietor of Provence’s noted vineyard Domaine Tempier, and producer of some of the region’s best wines and meals, Peyraud has for more than 50 years been Provence’s best-kept secret. 

The mother of seven, Peyraud still owns and operates Domaine Tempier with her family, serving up wit and warmth with remarkable food year-round at the vineyard. Hosting a parade of American tastemakers like Alice Waters, Paul Bertolli, Gerald Asher, Paula Wolfert, and Kermit Lynch through the years, Peyraud has willingly shared her sweeping culinary knowledge, wisdom, and resourcefulness with anyone who stopped by. 

In Lulu’s Provençal Table, Olney, who shared an unguarded friendship with Peyraud, relays the everyday banter, lessons, and more than 150 core recipes that have emerged from her kitchen. His tribute aptly celebrates the spirit and gifts of this culinary legend.