The New Making of a Cook

(book, Madeleine Kamman)

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h4. From the publisher

A generation ago, Madeleine Kamman made culinary history with the publication of The Making of a Cook. The first of its kind, her book gave not just the ingredients and instructions for preparing dishes but explained the precise reasons for following her directions. Kamman also gave the reader her philosophy of cooking: pair the freshest ingredients available in America with classic French techniques to achieve perfection in cooking. The Making of a Cook became an instant classic and was used as the textbook in many cooking schools and as a learning tool in homes across America.

The updated editon of Kamman's classic, The New Making of a Cook, features more then 650 recipes and 200 instructional line drawings, as well as information on food chemistry, kitchen equipment, ingredients, and using wine. Kamman's straightforward, intelligent, and eminently readable style makes The New Making of a Cook a necessity in every kitchen, culinary school, and cookbook library in America.