The Silver Spoon

(book, Caroline Cummins)

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h4. From the publisher

First published in 1950, The Silver Spoon (Il Cucchiaio d'Argento) is the classic volume of Italian cuisine. Sometimes called the Italian Joy of Cooking, it is the one cookbook every Italian passes on to his or her children, teaching them the skills of their parents and grandparents, and allowing them to understand the true nature of Italian cooking.

The Phaidon Press has published the first English edition of The Silver Spoon. We realized that it wasn't enough to simply translate the recipes without any adaptation. So we have moved the original Italian recipes much nearer to what is expected by English-speaking readers while still retaining the character of the Italian original. When a recipe indicates ingredients that aren't readily available outside of Italy, we have tried to suggest alternative and more commonly found ingredients alongside the originals.

This comprehensive book will ensure that any English-speaking reader can master authentic Italian cooking.