Culinate Newsletter May 21 08

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 h1. Dear readers,

 I hope you'll [/fritter Fritter] your dinner tonight. Fritter is the spot on Culinate where you can tell others what you've just noshed — whether it's a farmers'-market-inspired feast or a Paleybar. You can even upload a photo of your plate (handy if, like the villain in a Western, you'd rather shoot than talk). 

 Why Fritter? Well, it's fun — and strangely addictive, both to read and to write. And if you Fritter your food on at least three different days between now and next Wednesday morning, you'll be entered in a random drawing to win an [%amazonProductLink asin=B000HAVOC6 "18-piece set of Pyrex glass containers"] — perfect for storing all the food you haven't just eaten.

 To Fritter, just be sure you're logged onto Culinate. Or Fritter via Twitter, by sending a reply to @fritters. We'll get in touch next Wednesday morning if you're the lucky winner. 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

story1id: 93108
story1text: There's cocoa in our bacon! — Unexplained Bacon, that is.
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story2text: If you're eating with the season, most of the food on your plate is one color.  

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recipe1text: Love orzo? Love asparagus? You'll appreciate this combination, which makes a great side to grilled salmon. 
recipe2id: 1808
recipe2text: Carrots star in these sweet morning treats, with or without a cream-cheese frosting.

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