Culinate Newsletter May 14 08

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 h1. Dear readers,

  If you, like Anne Zimmerman, are a true fan of leftovers, you might also be a fan of Tupperware containers and microwave ovens; the three go hand-in-hand. 

 Just don't heat those handy containers of leftovers in the microwave; this practice, as Nancy Schatz Alton reports this week on Culinate, is potentially hazardous to your health. (Heated plastic can leach chemicals directly into your food.)

 Fortunately, during this time of increased concern regarding how our food is grown and packaged, it's reassuring to know we probably don't have to abandon plastic altogether. There are safe options for storing food — leftover or not — which Schatz Alton helps sort out. 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: Kelly Myers visits a sheep ranch and considers the connection between cost and taste.
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story2text: Backyard gardener Charlotte Freeman knows the difference between farming and growing food.  

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recipe1text: A mild dish that even the kids will like.
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recipe2text: Toss with greens, grains, or potatoes.

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