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 h1. Dear readers,

 Have you heard the one about the newbie baker frustrated by her bread dough? She paces the room and calls it names. She practically hyperventilates before collapsing in tears. 

 The dough? It just sits there. 

 "Oh, dough," she wails in exasperation. "How do I get a rise out of you?"

 Get it — "rise"? Oh, never mind.

 That baker? She's me. Or Melissa Lion, who this week chronicles her adventure nurturing a barm and baking sourdough bread. Maybe she's you, too, especially if you live in a cool climate, where getting dough to rise can make you knead more than that loaf.

 But persevere! There's nothing more satisfying than fresh-baked bread. Try Ellen Jackson's loaf, Multigrain No-Knead Bread, which rises without fail. "Rising is never a problem with the long long proof time," she says. "I made it all winter in our 62-degree house with success every time." She adds, "Just be certain the yeast has bloomed . . . and is fresh to start."

 Fresh to start? That goes for the baker, too.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

 P.S. Here's your chance to learn to grill like a pro: We're giving away [/read/alerts/GrillMe08 "a trip to Napa Valley,"] to Copia's "Mastering the Grill" class. Register now!

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story1text: Change up your food choices to lose weight and avoid a diabetes diagnosis.
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story2text: Oregon winemaker Jerry Murray is blogging on Culinate. Find out what he has to say about his vineyard manager.

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recipe1text: Pair these flavorful olives with bread, cheese, and salad for a simple dinner.  
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recipe2text: If you haven't tried making falafel at home, you're missing out.

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