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 h1. Dear readers,

 When Debra Gwartney sent us her moving essay about how little salmon she ate as a girl growing up in the deliciously named Salmon, Idaho, I recalled my own first experience with that fish: canned by my grandmother and served well hidden in a creamy noodle casserole or straight up in "salmon patties" with bits of pesky cartilage. As a child, I wasn't a salmon fan either.

 But that all changed when I tasted grilled salmon. I wish I could recall my first encounter with that amazing food, which, like Debra, I now love. Did I note the flavor and color of the fish -- taking the time to really taste it -- or did I take it for granted? This year chinook season will probably remain closed in Oregon and California because of dwindling numbers of fish, and as a result prices for other wild West Coast salmon are predicted to be around $30 per pound. Salmon, even for families in Salmon, will be a delicacy. 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: Domestic fair-trade has a movement and, now, a label.
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story2text: What does it mean to eat the same foods again and again?

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recipe1text: Chipotle-lime sauce ups the flavor quotient in these tacos.
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recipe2text: As a main dish (with beans) or as a side dish (think tacos), this rice is versatile.

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