Appetite for Profit

(book, Michele Simon)

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h4. From the publisher

This book exposes the hypocrisy of major food companies like Kraft, Coca-Cola, and McDonald's that are staging massive PR campaigns to look like they are "part of the solution" while they simultaneously lobby against sound nutrition policies.

Concerned Americans are finally beginning to ask: Who is to blame for the growing public-health crisis of obesity and diet-related illnesses, especially among children? Is the junk-food industry at fault, or is it all just a matter of personal and parental responsibility? How can we fight back with workable solutions?

Appetite for Profit unveils food-industry lobbying, front groups, and other tactics that purposefully undermine nutrition policy in schools and elsewhere. It explains how to see through the corporate rhetoric that seeks to control the debate. It also explains how to fight back by offering reliable resources on how to get involved.