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Behold the humble onion

(article, Kim Carlson)

I remember the first time I read Helen Rennie's blog, Beyond Salmon; I'd stumbled on a link to her simple how-to about sectioning oranges, and immediately, I was hooked. 

[%image promo-image float=left size=medium caption="Onions will never again be safe around you."]Almost like an orange itself, the post was sectioned into easy pieces. It was clear and easy to follow. I studied Helen's careful directions; then, rather than just peeling and dividing my next citrus, I sectioned it like a pro.

Fast-forward a year or so, and now Helen is again outlining a simple kitchen technique. This time here on Culinate she addresses the versatile onion: How best to slice and dice this basic aromatic. A sharp knife and a little technique go a long way toward making anyone comfortable with this essential kitchen task. 

Why learn to slice onions? Because then you can make Onion “All-Good” Ale Soup. Why make soup? Because then you can invite some friends to share it with you. 

Start with an onion, end with a party.

Here's something to note: No one would argue that in the United States, onions are important, but according to Businessweek, in India they are not just a key ingredient; they are the leading economic indicator. 

I like_ those priorities.

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