The New Laurel's Kitchen

(book, Brian Ruppenthal, Laurel Robertson, Carol Flinders)

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h4. From the publisher

Originally published in 1976, Laurel's Kitchen soon became a vegetarian classic. Updated a decade later with more nutritional content, lower-fat tips, and 150 new recipes, The New Laurel's Kitchen includes plenty of simple, beat-the-clock recipes that refuse to blur the distinction between natural foods and fast foods. 

If you need 45 minutes to bake a potato or cook brown rice, fine. That's good, solid, wind-down time, precious in today's hurried world: time to cut up green beans, or prepare a cauliflower curry; time for the children to dry the lettuce and help make an Appley Bread Pudding. Laurel's kitchen has its own pace, a human pace that lets other things happen besides just dinner.