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Sweet sandwiches

(article, Liz Crain)

Jessie Oleson, of the food blog Cakespy, recently devoted an entire post to sweet sandwiches. Yes, that's right: sandwiches that feature sweet, sticky, and sometimes candy fillings. 

If you can sip on savory cocktails, then why not sup on sweet sandwiches?

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Oleson's sweetwiches are made with the bread from this month's Daring Baker challenge: Julia Child's French-bread recipe, hosted on The Sour Dough and I Like to Cook.
The sweet-tooth post includes a pink-frosting sandwich, a cookie-dough sandwich, and a sandwich made with Tofutti cream cheese, pear, and coconut. Some of these sweet sammies seem like the perfect alternatreat for kids' birthday parties, slumber parties, or picnics.
At the end of the post, Oleson writes:
bq.Does this mean that fast-food joints ought to consider changing format? Well, perhaps not; in their extreme richness and sweetness, these sweetwiches are probably not a main-ticket item. But as an add-on or impulse item? Well, let's just say that when you start seeing the mini dessert-sandwich revolution picking up speed in chains across the country, remember where you saw it first.

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