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The latest heirloom

(article, Ashley Griffin Gartland)

According to Gourmet magazine's new website, there's a new heirloom potato on the market, titled the Adirondack Blue:

bq. It's a comparatively new hybrid, developed by scientists at Cornell University in 2003. And it's specifically designed to appeal to foodies. For Walter De Jong, the breeder of the Blue — and of a similarly wonderful, if slightly less colorful, potato called the Adirondack Red — culinary quality trumps other agricultural factors like yield and pest resistance.

Confused about how a "new" potato hybrid can be dubbed "heirloom" at such a young age? Us, too. The thinking seems to be that since this potato has the unusual taste and color typical of other heirloom potatoes, the Adirondack Blue is an "heirloom to be." 

For now, though, the potatoes aren't readily available. If you're in New York, though, Sheldon Farms carries them. You can also order them from Johnny's Seeds and grow them yourself.