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Up on the farm

(article, Kim Carlson)

Bad news, good news: The family farm is becoming an endangered species in some parts of the country, but apparently it's a thriving entity in Oregon, according to this recent story in the Portland Tribune:_

bq.“Nationally, (family) farm numbers have dropped drastically over the last several decades,” Kendra Kimbirauskas writes in an e-mail. She’s the co-president of the nonprofit Friends of Family Farmers, which was established in Oregon in 2005.

bq.Oregon is different. The state has actually seen an increase in the number of farms over the past 10 years. “We have a fairly vibrant rural economy,” Kimbirauskas says, “which isn’t the case for places elsewhere in the country, where corporate agriculture has managed to get a stranglehold on the rural communities.”

Fourteen Oregon family farms that have existed for 150 years or more will be honored today at a ceremony in Oregon's capital, Salem. We salute these and all of the other family farms across the country, too. We couldn't eat well without them! 

And speaking of farms, here's a photo essay to savor. The essay profiles an Illinois farm that's become a subdivision — but even through that difficult-to-witness transition, it's heartening to know that some things remain the same.