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Cook's paradise

(article, Caroline Cummins)

For all y'all who thought that rappers were too busy with their bling and babes to get busy in the kitchen, Coolio ("Gangsta's Paradise") is here to set you straight.

The rapper cooks (well, assembles a salad) online at My Damn Channel. There are even chef's whites on display. But don't worry, shorties; there's plenty of bling and babes in the demo video, too. This is the "ghetto witchdoctor superstar chef," after all.

On Slashfood, Marisa McClellan chats with Coolio and asks him the really important stuff:

bq. McClellan: With all the food television out there, what do you think you can add to the conversation?

bq. Coolio: Soul, flavor, comedy, and pimpishness.

Right on, right on.