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Blood Orange Cocktail

(recipe, Carrie Floyd)

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This is a fine cocktail to make in the winter when so many different kinds of citrus are available. Feel free to adjust the sweetness to your liking, depending on the tartness of the citrus juice. (If you are using lemon juice, and don't like especially tart drinks, make extra simple syrup.)


  1. ½ cup sugar, plus more for glass rims
  2. ½ cup water
  3. 2 blood oranges
  4. 2 minneola tangelos (or 1 lemon)
  5. 2 shots vodka
  6. Ice


  1. Make simple syrup by placing the sugar and water in a small saucepan. Over medium heat, cook until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  2. Juice the citrus fruits and set aside the juice.
  3. Prepare two martini glasses: Run one of the halves of juiced orange along the rims of the glasses. Place a couple of tablespoons of sugar on a small plate, and rotate the edge of each glass in the sugar to create a sugared rim.
  4. To make the cocktails: Add 2 tablespoons simple syrup to the citrus juice and taste; add more if too tart. In a cocktail shaker, place the sweetened juice, the vodka, and enough ice to fill the vessel. Secure the shaker top, and shake for 30 seconds.
  5. Pour contents from the cocktail shaker into each prepared glass, dividing evenly. Serve immediately.