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Code orange

(article, Liz Crain)

Some cook to relax. Others cook to stir up their creative juices. And some even cook as a form of protest.
Recently Vonsachsen, of the Swedish food blog Tea for One, heard about a colorful protest brewing in response to the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics: Danish sculptor Jens Galschiot's The Color Orange. 

According to the sculptor's website, the color orange can be used "as a symbol of the protest against the human-rights violations in China. The strict censorship can ban the use of obvious symbols of human rights, but the use of The Color Orange cannot be banned."
So what does a food blogger do to protest? She cooks, of course. Vonsachsen's first protest recipe is Spanish sweet potatoes with chorizo from Diana Henry's cookbook Cook Simple. Vonsachsen has included an improvised logo — "The Color Orange: cooking for human rights" — at the bottom of her post in hopes that others will join her in upcoming months cooking all things orange for solidarity.