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Drinking for life

(article, Mark Douglas)

There's been so much focus on eating better and healthier foods that I sometimes wonder if we've forgotten that we humans are mostly H2O. Drinking, after all, is more crucial for life than eating.

So it was refreshing to see a New York Times piece by Jane Brody the other day that focused on the issue of what we drink and how it can affect our health. 

"Decaying teeth, thinning bones, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia, cancer, obesity?" Brody asks. "All of these health problems are linked to the beverages you drink — or don't drink." 

This is not new, but sometimes it gets lost in all the chatter about omega-3s and trans fats.

In some senses, I am the worst as well as the best person to be highlighting this point. First, I am an avid fan of carbonated drinks and also have a propensity to sugar. Second, I spent much of my previous career working for both an ice-cream maker and a soda company. 

But you would not believe how much it pained me sometimes when I saw people who could not recognize the basic idea of balance and moderation in their consumption of these two items.

We all need to have our simple and sinful pleasures; without them, food and drink are just survival. But in the debate over food, let's not forget we are what we eat and what we drink.