Green Goddess Salad

(recipe, Jean Anderson)


    1. 1 cup loosely packed fresh parsley sprigs
    2. ¼ cup coarsely snipped fresh chives
    3. ¼ cup loosely packed fresh tarragon leaves
    4. 1 large scallion (including about half the tops), chopped into chunks
    5. 1 small clove garlic, peeled
    6. 5 anchovy filets or 2 tablespoons anchovy paste
    7. ¼ cup tarragon vinegar
    8. 1½ cups mayonnaise
    9. ½ cup sour cream
    10. 1 to 2 Tbsp. buttermilk (as needed to thin dressing)
    1. 1 clove garlic, peeled and halved
    2. 1 medium head romaine lettuce
    3. 1 medium head Boston lettuce
    4. ½ medium bunch chicory


    1. Place all the dressing ingredients in the work bowl of a food processor fitted with a metal chopping blade. Pulse 8 to 10 times until smooth and creamy, scraping the sides down two or three times.
    2. If the mixture seems too thick (it should be slightly thicker than medium white sauce), pulse in 1 to 2 tablespoons buttermilk. Pour into a 1-quart jar, cover tightly, and set in the refrigerator. Shake well before using.
    3. When you’re ready to make the salad, rub the inside of a large wooden salad bowl repeatedly with the garlic clove, then discard the garlic. Break the greens into the bowl in bite-size pieces and drizzle in about 1½ cups dressing. Toss lightly; if each leaf doesn’t glisten nicely with dressing, drizzle in a little more dressing, and toss again.