Culinate Newsletter Mar 12 08

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 h1. Dear readers,

 Mindful of Michael Pollan's advice and Mark Bittman's observations, we've been eating less meat and more grains and legumes at our house in recent months. As the head cook, I expected to feel -- oh, I don't know,  inconvenienced? -- by this change in focus. Instead, I feel liberated. 

 Black rice? Bring it on! Beans? None too challenging. Farro? Far out.

 We've had several pieces on Culinate to inspire us in our efforts: Helen Rennie's discussion of how to cook lentils, Matthew Card on chickpeas, and from the archives, a tutorial by Kelly Myers on buying and preparing  dried beans. Also on the site this week, Kathleen Bauer guides us through the straight and curvy terrain of dried pasta, sharing lots of ideas for meatless dinners. 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: Planning dinner? Start with fresh herbs and see where it takes you.
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story2text: They taste good, and they're good for you, too, writes Cynthia Lair.

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recipe1text: Toasted almonds add dramatic flair to this simple-to-make mousse.
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recipe2text: This light cocktail, redolent of limes, is lovely to look at and delicious to sip.

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