Culinate Newsletter Feb 27 08

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 h1. Dear readers,

 On Culinate this week, we feature an interview with Armandino Batali (father of Mario), who takes great care in the production of the salami he makes at his Seattle shop. He's not questioning government restrictions for food safety in his business: "The role of the USDA fits really well into what we're doing," he says. This may not be a common sentiment among food producers, but it's one that suits Batali: "The science and the artisanship marry very well."

 Do you ever wonder why food regulation in this country seems to be such a patchwork of inspections, restrictions, and, yes, oversights? To gain a greater sense of the role of the USDA -- and its partner in food safety at the federal level, the FDA -- read another piece on Culinate: "Eyes wide shut: A look at America's food inspection agencies." 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: Eight sweet and savory ideas for your next bowl of popped corn.
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story2text: Probiotics are good for you, but beware of baseless claims.

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recipe1text: Roast the squash first to avoid the painstaking act of peeling it.
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recipe2text: Squeeze the last of the season's Meyer lemons into this dreamy dessert.

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